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Resharpening & Repair Services

Alongside the manufacturing of high-quality tooling, Double R Engraving is a company who recognise the importance in delivering professional re-sharpening and repair services.

Repair Service

Double R Engraving have years of experiences in repairing solid tooling, which is beneficial to the customer.

Depending on damage and nature of the application, the repair can be laser welded, hardened pinned and re-machined which will restore back to the correct profile.

Laser Welding Service

Double R Engraving have adopted a process of laser welding in recent years to repair damaged cutters. We have found this process achieves the most accurate and satisfactory results in the area of repair. Laser Welding is performed under controlled conditions, which helps maintain a continuous cutting edge of the profile after re-sharpening.

Resharpening Service

Double R Engraving offer a resharpening service of all our solid, rotary tooling and flatbed tooling.

With 4 dedicated engineers resharpening tooling, we can provide quick and competitive turnarounds for our customers based in UK and International markets.

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