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Solid Rotary Dies

Double R Engraving has the capacity to manufacture Solid Rotary Dies to either a Standard or Vacuum Hardened tool, dependent on application use.

We can replicate any shape from CAD files supplied (.DXF or .DWG files).

We supply a variety of industries with Solid Rotary Dies such as, the Medical/Wound care, Food & Beverage, Label and Refuge, to name a few.

Double R Engraving have the capability to manufacture Solid Rotary dies ranging from 100mm – 1000mm long.

Repair Rotary Cutters and Replacement Cutters / Refurbishing Rotary Die

Our skilled engineers frequently repair rotary cutters which may be damaged or decommissioned, providing a further service life for the cutter, which may be cost effective to production. If you would like a quotation for repair/refurbishment, please contact us on 01474 537109 or for further information.


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