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Manufacturers of Precision Rotary Cutting Dies and Rotary Tooling

Founded in 1986, ‘Double R Engraving’ is now a 2nd generation family-run business who are dedicated to the manufacturing and design of high-quality rotary precision cutting dies. 

We supply UK and international markets from our factory based in Gravesend, Kent in the United Kingdom.

We have a workforce of highly-skilled engineers with over 150 years of engineering experience between them within the Rotary Tooling Industry, who are able to assist and advise at every stage of the manufacturing process.

New Tooling

We have the capabilities of manufacturing:

Solid Through-Hardened Rotary Tooling, Standard Rotary Tooling, Bolt-on Shells, Flat Bed Tooling, Anvils, Gears & many other engineering parts for machines!

Re-sharpening, Repair & Refurbishment

We offer a re-sharpening and repair service for all tooling. Our re-sharpening service includes cut-through tooling, kiss-cut and dual height applications.  

CNC Turning & Cylindrical Grinding Services

Double R Engraving offers a professional CNC Turning Service which operates across many industries, using the latest programming technology to produce small-batch work ranging to one-off, bespoke turned components. Our cylindrical grinding service can accommodate for a large range of sizes.

Air-eject & Vacuum Dies

Double R Engraving can manufacture air-eject and vacuum tooling to customer specifications.

Our air-eject tools will blow away waste or die-cut parts from the die. Our vacuum dies pick up the waste and ejects.

Featured Products

Tea Bag Cutters

We manufacture high-quality precision rotary Tea Bag cutting dies for the Food & Beverage industries worldwide.  We also provide a re-sharpening and repair service for all our cutters manufactured. 

Medical Cutters

We manufacture high-quality precision rotary dies for many wound care and healthcare industries. We can manufacture to drawings supplied for a wide range of designs and formats. We also provide a re-sharpening and repair service for all cutters that we have manufactured, alongside those manufactured elsewhere.

Rotary Anvils

We can manufacture Solid Rotary Anvils which are through-hardened and ground to specifications. We can also offer a re-skimming service to alleviate any worn areas.


We can manufacture a wide range of Spur Gears with different pressure angles and pitches/mods, with the option to be through-hardened if required.