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Tea Bag Cutters

Suppliers of Tea Bag Cutters used in the industrial manufacturing and production of Tea Bags. What ever the formation of your profile we can produce a Rotary Die to suit using our skilled CNC Manufacturing techniques together with CAD/CAM systems to perfect and maintain a precise Tea Cutter profile. Our standards deliver a high grade solid Rotary Dies and Rotary Tooling

Manufacturers of Rotary Tea Bag Cutters

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Repair Tea Cutters

Our Skilled Engineers frequently Repair Damaged Tea Cutters, a method which can be cost practical to some customers. For Tea Cutter Refurbishing, call us today on UK +44 (0)1474 537109

Tea Cutters

Professional robust and reliable industrial tooling


    CAD/CAM Design

    Skillfully designed and engineered by our experienced technicians using the latest CAD/CAM software

  • Manufacturing


    Professional manufacture and development of superior longer living reliable industrial products

  • Replacement Parts

    International suppliers replacement parts for industrial markets available in soft or harden states

  • Repair and Refurbishment

    Repair and Refurbishment

    Our designers and craftsmen can often repair damaged products which may be scrapped by other companies

Double R Engraving

If you would like more information about our range of specialist services, product design and manufacture.
Please contact us by email or telephone: UK +44 (0) 1474 537109

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